Program – Boot Camp

Melody’s Boot Camp and Lifestyle Fitness offers several “Fit” programs to assist you in meeting your healthy lifestyle goals.

“Get Fit” – Melody’s “Get Fit” program is a structured 16 week program with weekly requirements.
It includes boot camp classes, support groups and other incentives.

This is the program that almost all beginners start with.

What can you expect in class?

Some chair class photos:


Some “Prison Yard” Photos:

image2 (1) image1 (1)

What can you expect – some video coming soon.


There are different options for joining our program.

  • Pay per class. Price is $5 per class
  • Purchase a punch card for 10-15 classes
  • Join the program during one of our challenge or session times. Challenges and sessions vary in length and cost. Contact us for more information.